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Dow Jones Industrial Average (.DJI)21,674.51-76.22
NASDAQ Composite (.IXIC)6,216.53-5.39
S&P 500 (.INX)2,425.55-4.46
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Investment Philosophy

What is Dynamic Wealth Management?

Quite simply, it is Wealth Management made simple.

Standard deviation. Correlation ratios. Alphas and Betas. Volatility. What does it all mean?

At the end of the day, NOTHING.

While these investment terms are important to some, at the end of the day, only one thing matters.

Is your investment portfolio growing or shrinking?

Trinity Legacy Partners uses a strategy it calls Dynamic Wealth Management to build and manage your portfolio.

You may have heard of both Active Management and Passive Management strategies. We take the best of both of these investment strategies, put our own twist on it, and this becomes our beacon for our dynamically-managed portfolio strategy.

We think there are times to be in the stock market, and times not to be in the stock market.

We are not afraid to use cash to potentially protect your portfolios. We use fixed income assets to potentially generate yield during times when the stock market may be too risky for our tastes. We also are not afraid to overweight stocks when we think the time is right. These are all tools we may use to dynamically manage your portfolios.

Rather than simply buying and holding assets regardless of market conditions, we think our process allows us to be a better steward of your assets.

This is Dynamic Wealth Management.